Auto insurance: Maintaining Your Car’s Brakes

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Your car’s brakes are a vitally important part of your car since they are used to slow and stop the vehicle while in traffic. If the brakes fail suddenly, you could find yourself causing a rear-end collision, with a potentially horrific consequence to the physical integrity of your vehicle, not to mention your life and limb.

Auto insurance: Maintaining Your Car's Brakes

Typically, an auto technician will look at your brakes during scheduled maintenance and will recommend any needed repairs at that time. But what about between times? What are the signs that something may be going wrong?

The sure sign of impending brake failure is the brake light going on. If that happens on the road, pull over immediately and call your auto club to tow your vehicle to the nearest garage. Other signs of impending brake failure include:

  • Noise happens every time you apply the brake pedal, including grinding, squeaking or squealing.
  • A feeling of sponginess or soft resistance when you apply the brake pedal.
  • Leaking brake fluid,
  • The feeling that your vehicle is wobbling or vibrating when you apply the brakes.
  • Your vehicle pulling to one side when you apply the brakes.
  • A burning smell coming from underneath the car when you are driving.
  • The car bouncing up and down when you make a sudden stop.

Remember, brake failure is nothing to mess with. Sudden brake failure means that you have lost control over the forward movement of your vehicle and, unless you are lucky, you are likely to have a collision with the vehicle in front of you. Any sign of impending brake failure should mean an immediate trip to the garage to get the problem repaired. Such a detour will likely be inconvenient since it means that you will be delayed getting to your destination. However, an auto accident because of your car’s brakes will have even more severe consequences.

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