Does a Security System Lower Home Insurance Premiums?

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Everyone wants to have the safety net that comes with a home insurance policy to protect their home. That thing is, it is the premiums that put most people off actually getting home insurance. However, there are ways that you can lower premiums or at least keep them from spiking, and one such way could be installing a security system.

Does a Security System Lower Home Insurance Premiums?

While not applicable for every home insurance policy, all home insurance providers do look positively on a comprehensive home security system when issuing home insurance. However, you may wonder why a security system has any effect on your home insurance policy at all.

Reducing Theft Claims Reduces Costs

The main reason that a home security system can have any effect on the premium of your home insurance is that it reduces instances of major theft. Security cameras and alarms will work to deter many home intruders and help limit what all the rest will be able to take before the police catch them. The less theft that happens to a home means the less an insurance company will need to cover. This is why many will offer small discounts simply for having a security system in the home.

Security is Always a Benefit

Just like you get home insurance to safeguard your home, your insurance provider also enjoys insuring a safe home. You will see discounts for a number safety features including fire alarms and deadbolts. All of this involves an investment, but once installed, it can give you peace of mind knowing your home is safe in every respect.

If you enjoy a safe home and need home insurance to complete that umbrella over it, we can help. Contact us today to see what Allstate Insurance Agent Joe Hancock can do to help you get your home and auto covered in case the worst happens.

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