Home Restoration Process Got You Stressed? We Can Help

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When your home is damaged and in need of major restoration, knowing you have home insurance is a great comfort.

It also helps to understand the process you’re facing and where to turn for help when you need it.

Home Restoration Process Got You Stressed? We Can Help

Recovery Strategy

In a perfect world, everyone involved in the restoration project–engineers, restoration companies, city officials, public adjusters, carrier adjusters, and their respective experts–would gather together, sit in one room, and come to a consensus as to the scope of the claim. They would then produce a payment and a single set of instructions to guide the project.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, and the scenario described above is very hard to achieve.

One good thing to come out of the current cultural moment, however, is that we’re learning how effective offsite, asynchronous, and virtual strategic planning sessions can be.

The teams working to restore your home may be separate, but their coordinated efforts will be to your benefit.

Specific Steps

Insurance companies often present their findings as if they are set in stone, unanswerable and unalterable. Usually, however, there’s much more to the story. Finding out the true scope of the situation and the exact steps that will be involved is critical.

Once the scope is determined, an estimate is established. After that come the bids or and agreements on price and mitigation. After that comes the permitting and the actual rebuilding.

That’s one side of the process.

Then comes negotiations with the adjusters and experts. At this time, there will also be alternative scenarios pitched.

During many of these decisions, the opinion of the engineers and the restoration companies comes into play. While their opinions do matter, they are not absolute.

Open lines of communication and a voice of mediation often prove essential to keeping a positive outcome on the horizon.

We Can Help

As a family agency, we understand what a difficult ordeal the home restoration process can be.

For more information on home insurance, please contact us.

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